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1. Data processing when using PMS systems (widgets)

Widgets of the company zadego GmbH (easybooking) may be implemented on these pages. Provider is:

zadego GmbH

Tschamlerstraße 4

6020 Innsbruck


It concerns the offerer to a PMS system, which represents the offerer of the hotel software of the responsible person.

Depending on the tourism business, the widgets can be the following:

- request form

- booking mask

- small search (request, booking)

- category view

- room view

- packages widget

- price overview

- price comparison

- availability calendar

- online check-in

a. General information


In order to be able to edit your request or booking, it is necessary that the data you have provided to the person responsible are being processed.


The person responsible as mentioned above and the zadego GmbH, (both together also called "provider") are in a contractually regulated business relationship. The person in charge receives his hotel management or booking software from zadego GmbH.


There will be a transfer of the personal data you have provided to the Administration System and to companies in business relationship with the Management System. This transfer takes place in particular at o.g. Landlords, if necessary, also to tourism associations, reporting providers, payment providers and other companies that are connected to a management system and / or a landlord and must be used to fulfill post-contractual obligations.


The use of personal information by providers is governed by applicable law and the consent you have given us to use your information.


b. Collection of data

In the context of a request or booking at the tourism business, you announce the relevant data for carrying out the same. These are usually the following:

- first and last name

- e-mail address

- address

- telephone

- payment details (bank details, credit card details)

- birth dates (to identify children)

These data are collected only to the extent permitted by law and only with your consent and through your active participation. Insofar as the consent is electronically declared in the context of the services, the legal information obligations are taken into account and this approval is recorded by suitable technical systems.

c. Purpose of this data processing


The person responsible will process your personal data in this context for the following purposes:


- tenders

- online check-in

- fulfillment of reporting obligations

- payment processing

- accounting


If in one of these widgets an input of personal data is required (contact information, e-mail, data of the desired stay in our house), this is always done on a voluntary basis and only for the purpose of your desire to make a corresponding offer.


If no contractual relationship is established between the parties (there is thus no stay in the operation of the person in charge), the data of the person concerned will be automatically deleted from the systems immediately. In individual cases, statutory storage and deletion periods must be observed.


2. Registration requirement

The person in charge is obliged, under the respective applicable reporting law, to register all guests resident with the person responsible with the data specified in the Registration Act. This affects, among other things, the following data:

- surname

- name of accompanying persons

- date of birth

- gender

- nationality

- country of origin

- address

- travel document (type, number, date of issue, issuing authority, state)

- date of the travel period

a. Guest directory

According to a legal obligation, the person responsible has to lead all guest data transmitted to him for a booking in a so-called guest directory. This guest directory is subject to the automatic deletion and anonymization periods stored in the system. The providers provide suitable technical and organizational measures to store personal data in the system in accordance with the law. In individual cases, legally prescribed storage and retention periods must be observed and noted. The storage periods set are valid, as long as the data concerned are not processed for any other purposes mentioned in this privacy policy.


The guest directory is managed electronically by the responsible person, whereby the data is forwarded to zadego GmbH. In this case, zadego GmbH acts as a processor, as it stores the data on your servers. A transfer to a third country is not without prior information to those affected.

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